Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A great class!

The highlight of my day today is a class that I'm is a great class!  Our Tech Integrationist is teaching a class after school that meets every Wednesday.  This was our focus this week:

1) Spend time on twitter!  I love that!  We are encouraged to participate in a chat.  I already do this but there are a few teachers in the class that are new to twitter.
2) Sign up for a few webcasts on
3) Create two lessons incorporating technology using the SAMR model.  
4) She also added a challenge that I'm excited to try Twitter in the Classroom.

I am so lucky to have a Tech Integrationist at my school!  Check out her blog...she has great ideas that you will love to use in your classroom!

What twitter chats are your favorites?  Have you used twitter in your classroom?

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