Sunday, March 9, 2014


It's 9:45, my three children are all tucked in bed dreaming of a fun day of playing outside (finally).

I wish I was getting ready for bed too.  However, I'm running around trying to get everything done...

I am doing the dishes.  I cooked today...I don't mind cooking the problem with cooking is the final result; a mess and lots of dishes.  I cooked twice today and did the dishes twice today.  Actually, I literally just finished doing the dishes.

I am doing yet another load of laundry as I type this blog.  I have piles of clean, folded clothes on the laundry room counter just waiting to be put away and I have more heaps of dirty clothes waiting to be washed.  Sometimes I wish I lived in a nudist colony...well not really but it would help with my laundry woes.

I am finalizing lesson plans.

I am finalizing grades.

I am thinking about conferences this week.

I am thinking about the housework that I didn't get done this weekend.  I guess it will still be there when I get around to it...which let's face it with conferences this week it will get messier before it gets clean.

Being a mom and a full time teacher isn't easy.  How do you balance it all?

Oh, and I missed my blog post yesterday because I fell asleep.  I guess I needed to sleep to make up for the hour I missed last night...and who knows how late I will be up tonight.  :)

I am hoping I'm not alone in my struggle to balance it all.  I hoping for a great week at school and with my family!


  1. You are not alone! I got so absorbed in blogging and tweeting that I'm now trying to finish lesson plans and do the dishes. I feel your frustrations!

  2. Kudus to you, running your household, making real meals (ugh, the clean up!) and being well-prepared for the school week.
    I really don't know how Mom's do it: how they teach and raise their families.

  3. You are not alone in the struggle for balance--there's a lot of company on that balance beam! I love the idea of a nudist colony to support laundry escapism. You made me laugh!

  4. One of the hardest things is to be both a teacher and a parent. Both are full-time jobs. For several years I was a single parent as well and that was a challenge. But I tried to separate the two if I could - until my kids went to bed, I was mom and we played and read and did chores together. After they went to be, I did school work. I tried to have 15 - 20 min. of me time right after supper - when the kids knew I was having my tea and read a magazine or book. It is so hard to balance every aspect. For me, it was housework that got short shrift.