Monday, March 3, 2014

Church and science?

I'm so excited about this post!

Church and science?  Yes!

My 9th grade student told me today, "Mrs. Hurst, I thought about you yesterday at church."

Hmmm… (I don't hear this from my students very often.)

"The priest asked me to fill the baptism water.  He told me to make sure it was warm so the baby wouldn't cry.  I thought of you and I remembered that you said water had a high specific heat.  This means it takes a long time to heat and a long time to cool.  So I decided that I shouldn't make the water too hot because it might not cool down fast enough and it could be too hot for the baby.  So I just made it warm realizing that it will stay warm for a while."

"YES!"  I exclaimed.  "That is awesome!"

This was the highlight of my day!  What a marvelous Monday!  I love it when my students can make those connections without me and apply science to their life.  It's so great when they share these things with me.


  1. Oh wow! After that first line I was expecting your student to say something about church verses science....oh how nice that it was about a lesson you taught and how he connected with a real life experience. Loved this post. Jackie

  2. This is the ideal situation for teachers....seeing them apply the learning when we aren't there! Good stuff!