Tuesday, March 4, 2014

End of the quarter crunch

I'm feeling that end of the quarter "crunch."  The kids are restless and a few are losing focus.  Let's face it I'm a bit edgy too.  I have a few students going on week long vacations...they will be missing a week of chemistry.  I have a few students that are still trying to pull up their grades before Friday.  I'm trying to get my grades finished by Friday and at the same time I'm preparing for a long week next week with parent teacher conferences on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Whew!

Instead of being overwhelmed, I'm trying to stay organized and focus on positive things.  Let's see...

  • I was up at 5:30am.  My 5th grader forgot to tell me that she needed supplies for a school project ;)  I was up early, rode my bike for a half hour and then headed to the store for her.  
  • I enjoyed teaching my 9th graders about circuits.  Today we built circuits in class.  They enjoy this hands on activity.
  • I finished up stoichiometry with my chemistry students.  I can't wait to see how they do on their quiz Thursday.  They have worked so hard learning this challenging material.
  • Tomorrow I have an afternoon of professional development (AIW).  I hope to learn from my science department.
  • I came home, drove my kids to various events, popped a meatloaf and potatoes in the oven, swam laps and came home to some great comfort food!  
Whew...I got a lot accomplished today!  I hope this continues for the next two weeks.

Tonight I need to find a task or student work example to share with my AIW group.  I am exhausted and I hope to go to bed early tonight.

How do you get through your end of the quarter crunch?


  1. Welcome to our writing community, Joy!
    A bike ride and swimming in one day? Wow! That's impressive. Seriously impressive!

    1. I'm training for a sprint triathlon. I'm really not an "athlete" so it is hard work for me! I told my students this was my New Year's Goal so I have to show them I can make a goal and keep it ;)

  2. How do I get through the end of semester crunch? Grin and bear it just like you will as you gut out your triathlon. You can always think about all the essays that English teachers have to grade at the end of the quarter. That may make you feel a little better. Not for me though... I'm an English teacher!

  3. I look for something to love each and every day...I'm roughly 625 days in now, give or take a few. It totally changes your focus when you are waking up wondering what it will be today. Give it a shot! (Yay you to be teaching high school! We need good strong high school teachers!)
    Keep up the good work!
    (And I second what Jennifer says above...and I AM an English teacher! That bag is getting pretty heavy!)